Dichroic Glass Jewelry

Design your own beautiful dichroic glass fused jewelry. It’s a new and fun addition to our studio that is unbelievably easy and the results are gorgeous.dichroic-glass-side-images

You can make dazzling and dramatic pendants, earrings, pins, cufflinks, and bobbly pins. For ages 12 and up.

Simply chose a flat piece of glass, and then glue additional pieces of glass on top. We have 48 colors of dichroic glass to choose from and you can cut them to fit, helping you build a design that is truly yours. Once you’re finished, we’ll fuse the pieces together in our kiln and your dichroic glass masterpiece will be ready three days later. You can choose between a full fused or tack fused piece of jewelry. Though different, both are beautiful.

Full Fuse

set blue-green dots web

Full fused glass jewelry is fired until the layers of glass melt together. The sharp corners become rounded and the layers of glass become one single, smooth piece of glass.




Tack Fuse

tack fuse orange set web

Tack fused glass jewelry is fired just long enough to stick the pieces of glass together and to smooth out the sharp edges. Each piece of glass retains its individual characteristics. A tack fused piece of jewelry is more dimensional that a full fused piece.





Jewelry Parties

Dichroic Glass Jewelry Parties – Ages 12 to Adult

Treat yourself and your guests to a fabulous dichroic glass jewelry party! Each person will make their choice of a pendant or a pair of earrings.

There’s even a special treat for the guest of honor. She’ll receive a beaded plaque that can be signed by all her guests. Jewelry will be ready in five days. Feel free to bring in cake or snacks to add flavor to your party.


$25 per person

10% gratuity for your jewelry instructor

Parties are 2 hours long

Minimum of 8 people

Jewelry will be ready five days later

$50 deposit required which is non-refundable if cancelled

glass-flyer-pendantjewelry flyer earringglass-hands