Creative fun for all scouting levels!

Your troop will have great fun painting, creating, & learning about ceramics or making their own pure silver jewelry at The Pottery Place. With programs for all levels of scouting, you are sure to find a program that excites your troop. You can even bring ceramic fun to your neighborhood troop meetings with our Pottery-To-Go Program.

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The Pottery Place Fun Patch

Scouts of all ages will have fun earning our Fun Patch. Scouts will use stickers, tape, & a fun bubble painting technique using real bubbles! This program is 1 1/2 hours long and includes a salad plate for each scout to paint. A Pottery Place patch is included. Minimum 8, maximum 15.

$18 per scout plus a 10% gratuity.

Neighborhood Parties

Is it yogirl scout tableur turn to plan a neighborhood troop meeting? We’ll make your planning a breeze and come to you. Invite scouts and/or Moms for a fun and creative experience. Special rates for groups over 50 painters. So the next time you’re wondering what to do to entertain all those scouts, call The Pottery Place and we’ll bring the fun to you!


Daisy Petal Projects

Daisy Scouts can learn about each of their petals in a very fun and creative way. For each petal project, scouts will listen to a story, discuss how it relates to the lesson of the individual petal, and then paint a pottery piece that will reinforce their learning. Each project is 1 hour long with a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 15 scouts.

$15 per scout plus a 10% gratuity

Brownie Potter Badge

Brownie Girl Scouts will complete all necessary requirements for their Potter Badge. Scouts will discuss different types of pottery, tour our kiln room, build pieces with clay, and paint a ceramic beaded plaque. This program is 2 hours long. Badges not included. Minimum 8, max 12.

$20 per scout plus a 10% gratuity.

Junior Jeweler Badge

Junior Girl Scouts will complete all necessary requirements for their Jeweler Badge. Scouts will receive an introduction to dichroic glass jewelry and complete two pendants; one to keep and one to give as a gift. Different aspects of jewelry making will be discussed and the scouts will complete two necklaces using a variety of materials. This program is 2 hours long. Badges not included. Minimum 8, maximum 12.
$25 per scout plus a 10% gratuity.

Reserve Your Troop Event!

Reserve your date and time with us at least two weeks ahead. Scouting programs, except for painting parties, are offered Monday – Friday only. A $50 deposit is required to hold your space and is nonrefundable if you cancel.