A great solution when you just don’t have the time or you’re not feeling creative enough to paint a one of a kind piece.


Custom work is the price of the piece you choose plus $25 per hour, with an hour minimum. The amount of time you are quoted is your top price. If it takes less time, you are only charged for the number of hours it took. If it takes longer, you do not have to pay anything extra. Please remember that many things determine the length of time a piece will take. Such as; the size of the piece, the amount of writing, background colors or the intricacy of the design. We take a 50% deposit at the time of ordering. When you pick up your completed piece, you then pay the remainder.

Time Frame:

Custom work needs to be ordered at least two weeks ahead of when it’s needed. Larger and more complicated designs could take longer. As soon as the work is completed, you will be called for pick up. It is up to the discretion of the artist as to the time frame, custom work is completed in their personal time.

To Order:

To order a piece or get a quote, an appointment can be set up to meet in the studio at The Pottery Place at a specific time. Please bring any ideas, papers, invitations or inspiration with you. Please bring copies of important or precious papers for me to keep. Also make sure that all spelling of names and such are correct! The appointment allows you to get a fully customized piece, painted to your specifications. Please remember that it is hand painted. While we pride ourselves on our level of craftsmanship and skill, nothing is ever perfect. By choosing custom work you are accepting that the final piece will have some variation to it, as opposed to a machine made item.

To set up an appointment please email paintedkatie@gmail.com

Custom work signature platterIMG_2206-custom work_edited_edited

Some examples of Katie’s awesome Custom Work.